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Pressure Washer Troubleshooting now available!

Engine will not start Engine will not start with electric starter Engine lacks power Servicing tips
Engine Smokes Gas is found in the oil in the crank case Engine runs only on CHOKE Engine misfires, sputters
Engine will not stop Engine has no compression Engine knocks Transmission/Transaxle problems
Engine/power equipment vibrates excessively Equipment Troubleshooting Oil leaks Twin cylinder engines lack power
Tecumseh Governor Information. 2-cycle engine info. Any 2-cycle problem Red vs. Black, what is the difference?
Briggs & Stratton engines squeal Engine runs wide open Briggs and Stratton Governor Linkages Engine runs, but surges
5 HP Horizontal Briggs governor linkage diagram Information on Anti-Afterfire solenoids Governor adjustment information Chain saw use problems
Decipher your Model and Type/Spec number here! Tecumseh governor linkage setups Basic Tractor Wiring Diagram Pressure Washer Troubleshooting

updated 4-9-07