Here are real photographs taken by me to explain how to set up the governor linkage for the 5 HP Briggs and Stratton horizontal shaft engines. The setup is fairly simple after you have done a few of them. Please don’t e-mail me about this unless you absolutely still don’t understand how it works. The biggest things is to PAY ATTENTION to everything when you take it all apart.

The above picture is an overall view of the linkage. The only thing you can’t see clearly is the governor arm and where the governor spring goes.

In this picture, I highlight where the govenor link goes and where the governor spring connects. The link goes to the hole at the end of the arm (blue arrow). The long end of the spring (newer models) connects to the “T” looking tab on the governor arm.

There will be a slight variation to this set up with older engines. Instead of there being a tab hanging off the side of the arm for the governor spring, there is a hole drilled in the arm. Also, the spring will be different. The older springs will not have a long end. They will have a short bend on both sides.

The control link and the governor link are highlighted in this picture. The governor link is the blue one and the control link is the red one.

This picture highlights where the control link connects. It connects to the rotating control arm on the bottom of the tank bracket. The governor springs connects to the opposite end that the link connects to.

Here is the upper end where it all ties together. The blue link is the governor link. It connects from the governor arm to the black plastic bell crank (highlighted in black). The red link is the control link and it connects to a metal bell crank (highlighted in yellow). The link is pressed into a white bushing/connector (highlighted in white).

The pin on the throttle control assembly fits in the hole on the control link (arrows).

Finally, this is the top view of the assembled governor and choke linkages.

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updated 7-23-02

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