Briggs and Stratton Governor Linkage Diagrams

Here are the diagrams for the more popular L-head engines. I will post the others as soon as I get them scanned. These images belong to the Briggs and Stratton Corporation. They came from the shop manual, P/N 270962, 1995 Revision.

  • Figure 41 is generally the same setup for all 3.0 to 4.0 HP engines with tank mounted below carburetor. (Classic, Quattro, and Sprint engines)

  • Figure 54 is only model 136200 go kart engine. If you wish to turn a 5 HP chore engine (e.g, tiller or edger engine) into a go kart engine, the pieces marked with an arrow must be purchased. These parts do not come standard on any engine except 136200 model series. (Return Spring, Anchor, and Conduit Anchor.)
  • Figure 53 is generally for generator applications. Turn the nut clockwise to increase RPM and counter clockwise to decrease RPM. For 60 Hz output (US) engine must turn 3600 RPM. For 50 Hz output (Europe) engine must turn 3000 RPM.
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    updated 6-4-02
  • 28 responses to “Briggs and Stratton Governor Linkage Diagrams”

    1. al novotny says:

      All springs are connected, I still can’t get anything to happen when I move the throttle. It starts up idles good but when I move the throttle nothing happens. thanks, al

    2. ben kennedy says:

      I have a McLane edger with 3.0 briggs engine model #80202-1765 McLane model 801-3rp, I am unable to start without many changes etc, a repairman changed some and modified some linkage a waste of time and funds etc. I hope you can help me I would like it back as it was originally was. thanks ben

    3. dave laybourne says:

      I have a push lawn mower fitted with b&stratton 550e series motor. My problem is when the throttle control lever is pushed into the start position it is not operating the choke. I can only see one rod from the carb to the governor arm and a light spring from the governor arm to a small link connecting to the throttle cable.
      Any help would be appreciated
      Thanks Dave

    4. Henry Rushing says:

      I cannot find pics like this of late model Intek V twin engines.Governor / carb linkage connections.I have a link from left side of choke rod on carb going down to choke lever attached to throttle control, both are one cable. This linkage attaches with a plastic part. It operates a device that looks like a potentiometer but has no wires to it must be some kind of a damper when you go to choke position? mod 44R877 type 0008G1 code 140606YG I would like to purchase a repair,shop manual for this series engine,all I can find are for older engines.

    5. V.Sukumaran says:

      How does throttle governor works?

      • Johnny Ussery says:

        Is there someone here I can talk to about the carberator linkage on a v twin 22 horsepower Briggs and Stratton riding mower motor?

    6. Robert Daumiller says:

      Do you have a diagram showing how to replace B&G 691859 & 691297 governor springs? Thanks for any help you can offer.

      • Pieter Sternberg says:

        I have lost my Governor spring om my lawnmower Briggs and Stratton 6.0 quantum would like to make my own spring because I stay in Namibia on a farm would appreciate if can give me the total length of the spring and photo of that specified quantum where to fit the spring the correct way

    7. jerry says:

      I have old sears tiller model 917294580 with briggs & statton 190402 0641-01 the governor linkage is not attached on bottom is it suppose to drop in front of choke link or in back of choke link, also governor spring is hook to governor arm but not hook to plate at other end. where do they go

    8. Les says:

      I have a Briggs & Stratton model series 400,000 motors been sitting for a year and a half little rusty in the bottom bowl the fuel pump seems to be pumping fuel does the Bowl have to be filled with gas to help to start like prime it seem fuel not filling on its own gas is seem to b at Carburetor could it be the fuel pump and would you have have a part number for that fuel pump may be not strong enough pumps fuel Thanks.

    9. I have this craftsman self propelled lawn mower with a briggs and stratton engine model#11p902-0693-b1 and when it is stared runs as if it is going to a race I adjusted the governor and that wouldn’t work.

    10. Terry says:

      Looking for a diagram of the linage for Briggs and Stratton model 130292-0141-06. I don’t know how the springs are attached and if I need to order new ones

    11. Dave DePerna says:

      I have a Briggs 8 HP horn shaft engine and need a detailed diagram how the small coil spring goes from the gov shaft lever to the throttle rod, the model number is190-402-0989-01-7904171! I’ve replaced the throttle gov bracket but not sure how that small coil spring hooks up from the gov lever to the throttle plalink, there’s only one hole in the lever to hook the spring, I’ve hooked it in and when I move the throttle handle nothing moves, I have a B&B book but tells me nothing, can you help by emailing me a pic of the hook up?
      This is the last thing I need to do to start the engine so if you have a detailed diagram that shows this hook up that would be WOUNDERFUL


    12. Dave Rehms says:

      I have a 12 hp engine M 28v707 type 1170-E1, code 980505ZA , need carb linkage hookup, please help

    13. I was tilling the garden and the tiller staled I could not start it up again because the pull start froze up (jammed).This is on an old 1960’s hann eclpse tiller md-uht-120 briggs and staton engine. The starter pull assembly jammed while using the tiller. I took the housing that holds the spring assy off and found the spring came loose. I corrected that problem then proceeded to place it back on the tiller. Never touched any other part. I had to take the clip that holds the throttle cable in place that attached to that housing. I put it all together and the recoil
      pull ass. works fine now but when I start it up it only runs at a very high rpm. When I pull back on the throttle lever it will slow down but only in a very small limited area of the throttle lever range. Any ideas?

    14. Frank White says:

      Looking for a diagram of the linage for Briggs and Stratton model 112P02. I don’t know how the springs are attached and if I need to order new ones.

    15. Bruce LESTER says:

      I am looking for a linkage ( Governor) diagran and spring numbers for a Briggs & Stratton 8.75 Mowcart 66 model 96021009 05 serial number 112313L001411 Mowcart66 year2013, Any help would be great thanks BRUCE

    16. John E Renk says:

      B&S 130292 governor springs Finally got a spring that pulls the governor for the engine to speed up, now I have a hunting problem, I think I need a buffering spring to ease the hunting problem but do not see where it might attach to. There is another hole in the throttle lever but no indication where the other spring end would attach. Is a considerable job taking everything apart . Thanks, Will have to find the correct springs some place. I think it is a 2001 machine Troy Built. Type# 3220 01

      • Keith Boyd says:

        The hunting or surging problem may be a clogged jet inside the carburetor. I learned that watching small engine repair videos on YouTube. You might search there and see what you can find on it. Good luck!

    17. Bruce Ruben says:

      Hi I have a briggs and stratton 3.5 hp industrial plus engine on a mclane edger. the problem is when i move the throttle lever the speed of the engine does not change. model 93412 type 1254-e1 code 0006143a. any ideas. thanks Bruce

      • Joe Stratton says:

        Bruce just found your comment and I have the exact same problem on the exact same machine/engine. Did you ever get it sorted?

    18. James says:

      I need assistance on connecting chock linkage for b/s 6hp 146402 0203 01. The linkage broke and I’m not sure where it went.

    19. Lacy Gray says:

      I need the linkage diagram for installing replacement Governor spring and Governor Idle spring on Model 100000 Sprint 500 series

    20. Ray Hughes says:

      Hay my name is Ray Hughes and I have a B&S model 6 engine and I’m trying to figure out the linkage set up and need help. I also have a B&S model 5s. Thanks

    21. Virgil McCaslin says:

      I’m looking for a throttle and governor linkage diagram for hooking up governor linkage. Can’t seem to find anything on the net. Briggs and Stratton model number 171437-0535-01on a troy bilt horse rear tine tiller.

    22. Gary Gehringer says:

      How do you install Throttle control replacement briggs and Stratton part # 692316 on engine.Please show picture on wear to install on 5 hp. Thanks.

    23. Dennis says:


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