Engine Model

Min/Max IntakeExhaust (in inches)

TH engines (Triad) .000/.002.003/.005
All CV and CH engines These engines have hydraulic lifters and no adjustment is necessary.
M8-M16 .008/.010.017/.019 [M8 .006/.008 Intake]
M18-20 .003/.006–.016/.019 [.011/.014-S/N greater than 1816500656]
Ageis Twins LV560-675 Hydraulic Lifters, no adjustment necessary
SV400-670 .003/.005 Both
SV710-740 .004/.006 Both
K91 .005/.009.011/.015
K161 & K141 .006/.008.017/.019
K181 .006/.008.017/.019
K241 .008/.010.017/.019
K301 .008/.010.017/.019
K321 .008/.010.017-.019
K341 .008/.010.017/.019
MV16-20 .003/.006 Exhaust clearance depends on S/N. Before S/N 1816500656 .016/.019 From S/N18165000646 To S/N 1917809296 .011/.014 S/N 1917809286 and up .013/.016
K482-582 .008/.010.017/.020
K662 .006/.008.015/.017
K361 OHV .005 Both


4 responses to “Kohler Valve Specifications”

  1. hENRY jONES says:

    I have a cv730 bad engine a cv 740 27 hp good engine can I just replaced the wire harness on a 2004 great dane chariotlx 25 hp kohler engine

  2. james stewart says:

    need specs for a 26hp kohler 7000 series 747cc, kt745

    • Sam says:

      Do not use starting fluid. I am rebuilding a K341 right now because someone used Bill Cosby in a can. Popped the top off of the piston above the wrist pin.

  3. Lawson says:

    I have a CV16S that’s backfiring through the carburetor. I see that all CV engines have hydraulic lifters, therefore no valve adjustment is necessary. Every time I try to start it with starting fluid it pops back through carb. It will run a few seconds until the start fluid burns up. Ideas?

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