Engine Model

Min/Max IntakeExhaust (in inches)

TH engines (Triad) .000/.002.003/.005
All CV and CH engines These engines have hydraulic lifters and no adjustment is necessary.
M8-M16 .008/.010.017/.019 [M8 .006/.008 Intake]
M18-20 .003/.006–.016/.019 [.011/.014-S/N greater than 1816500656]
Ageis Twins LV560-675 Hydraulic Lifters, no adjustment necessary
SV400-670 .003/.005 Both
SV710-740 .004/.006 Both
K91 .005/.009.011/.015
K161 & K141 .006/.008.017/.019
K181 .006/.008.017/.019
K241 .008/.010.017/.019
K301 .008/.010.017/.019
K321 .008/.010.017-.019
K341 .008/.010.017/.019
MV16-20 .003/.006 Exhaust clearance depends on S/N. Before S/N 1816500656 .016/.019 From S/N18165000646 To S/N 1917809296 .011/.014 S/N 1917809286 and up .013/.016
K482-582 .008/.010.017/.020
K662 .006/.008.015/.017
K361 OHV .005 Both


7 responses to “Kohler Valve Specifications”

  1. hENRY jONES says:

    I have a cv730 bad engine a cv 740 27 hp good engine can I just replaced the wire harness on a 2004 great dane chariotlx 25 hp kohler engine

  2. james stewart says:

    need specs for a 26hp kohler 7000 series 747cc, kt745

    • Sam says:

      Do not use starting fluid. I am rebuilding a K341 right now because someone used Bill Cosby in a can. Popped the top off of the piston above the wrist pin.

  3. Lawson says:

    I have a CV16S that’s backfiring through the carburetor. I see that all CV engines have hydraulic lifters, therefore no valve adjustment is necessary. Every time I try to start it with starting fluid it pops back through carb. It will run a few seconds until the start fluid burns up. Ideas?

    • dave says:

      throw starter fluid away all you do is ruin the engine you wash down the cylinder walls with it if spray to heavy and in overall long run if you need starter fluid to start then you have another serious issue going on like a bad adjustment carburetor or poor fuel or lack of fuel in carburetor get a qualified person to look at fuel line filters and float adjustments

  4. Gm says:

    I have a Kohler CV15S engine. I see that all CV engines have hydraulic lifters, therefore no valve adjustment is necessary; however, it has a constant clatter running that sounds like excessive valve lash. I can only assume, given hyd. lifter system, that noise must be either a collapsed lifter, or broken valve spring. I will look inside the valve cover to see what I can- It’s a service for a friend of mine with no knowledge.
    I’m a gear-head, so its no-brainer to me. The engine runs ok, except for the prominent noise. Please Advise any insight unreprised here. Thank You!

  5. Calvin says:

    Valve setting for sh265-3119 Koehler engine

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