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  • Recommended Fuel to use in air cooled engines?
  • Recommened Oil to use in air cooled engines?
  • Oil Ratios?
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    1. Steve says:

      Head tension and big end tension for 450 series H1 engine

      Model 9T502

    2. Bill says:

      1987 Briggs and Stratton 2 cylinder engine
      Model# Type Code
      422437 – 1045 01-87010512

      I need the schematics for the carburetor linkage.

    3. Greg Smith says:

      my 1998 snowblower has a 10 hp tecumseh engine. That is the oil capacity? Thanks.

    4. howard himes says:

      what is the proper valve clearance for a 2013 21hp b&s model331977 engine

    5. Perry Robinson says:

      Briggs&Stratton 7.25EXi 160cc What To Set The Intake Valve An Exhaust Vavle

    6. Richard Gwyn says:

      I need schematics for carburetor linkage installation on a 2017 Briggs & Stratton 24 horse twin cyl. entec eng.
      Model # 44N877 Type 0003G1

    7. eric says:

      i’m in need of a couple torque numbers for a 1450 snow series Briggs & Stratton snow series engine. the model number is 21M414, type 0121E1,code 080916YD, I’d like the head bolt torque, Connecting rod bolt torque, And the sump bolt torque, I’m replacing a broken rod so any other information you feel I might need would be welcome. Thanks

    8. Steve Edwards says:

      I need to know the torque specs for the valve cover on a Techumseh Enduro xl/c 13hp engine.

    9. CHARLES HERR says:

      I need the valve lash for a B&S model 33R777 0003 G1

    10. Jim Williams says:

      What part is under the flywheel that charges the battery while mower is running?

    11. What type of specifications do I need for a electric start flywheel assembly.

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