This page is about Tecumseh engines model series TVS, TNT, TVXL, & TVM governor linkage connections.

TVS Engines: Connect the “hooked” side of the long solid governor link to the top hole in the governor arm. Connect the “Z-bend” side to the correct hole in the throttle shaft. (Click here for picture). Now connect the spring of the spring/link combo to the second hole in the govenor arm. Connect the solid link to the throttle control bracket. Mount the bracket to the carburetor and then mount the carburetor to the engine. Make sure the governor spring does not bind with the solid link. When installed correctly, the governor spring will be under the long governor link.

  • Please note: Some of the long governor links on certain models have a “hooked” end on both sides. It is possible to put it on wrong. If you do, you will know because when the governor spring is under the link, it will bind. If you put it on top of the link, it will bind, so you have to turn the solid link around.
  • TNT 100 engines have the same governor link set up as the TVS engines, except the short solid link is connected to the second hole of the governor arm and the spring is connected to the tab, located next to the throttle control bracket mounting posts.
  • TNT 120 engines will have the governor link set up as the TNT100 engines, except the small solid link is located in the bottom hole of the governor arm.
  • TVM engines have the same set up as the TVS engines, but the governor spring will connect to the 3rd hole from the top of the governor arm.

  • Click Here to see the governor theory.

  • Click Here for an excellent drawing on how to connect the governor linkage to the carburetor.

    Other Tecumseh governor linkage setups can be found HERE

    updated 6-6-04
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