60000 55 Foot. Pounds 140 Inch Pounds 100 Inch Pounds
80000 55 140 100
81000 55 140 100
82000 55 140 100
90000 55 140 100
92000 55 140 100
93000 55 140 100
94000 55 140 100
95000 55 140 100
100200 60 140 100
100900 60 140 100
100700 55 140 100
110000 55 140 100
120000 55 140 100
130000 60 140 100
170000 65 165 165
171100 65 165 165
190000 65 165 185
191700 65 165 185
192700 65 165 185
193700 65 165 185
220000 65 165 185
250000 65 165 185
280000 65 165 185
230000 145 190 190
240000 145 190 190
300000 145 190 190
320000 145 190 190
400000 150 160 190
420000 150 160 190
460000 150 160 190
287700 65 220 Sm. Screw 130 Lg. Screw 260 Both Same size 185
28N700 65 220 Sm. Screw 130 Lg. Screw 260
28P700 65 220 Sm. Screw 130 Lg. Screw 260
28Q700 65 220 Sm. Screw 130 Lg. Screw 260
28U700 65 220 Sm. Screw 130 Lg. Screw 260
28W700 65 220 Sm. Screw 130 Lg. Screw 260
235400 60 35 ft 175
245400 60 35 ft 175
updated 6-6-04
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68 responses to “Torque Specifications for Briggs and Stratton”

  1. John McCarty says:

    Looking for the engine torque specifications for model 356447-3077-G1 12072577

  2. Gail Prentice says:

    Need the specs for a Briggs 28D707-0123

  3. Stuart says:

    Looking for the engine torque Lbs.(cylinder head)for 10t502-0457b1 briggs & stratton

  4. Thomas says:

    What are the torque specs for the engine oil pan drain plugs?

  5. Shands says:

    Model 095312 0266E1. Need torque specs
    Engine clean as a pin stopped drive operation
    Seems worth saving. Need spec sheet and parts list.

  6. arthur bourget says:

    Need torque specs for briggs and Stratton 21 HP 331877-0869-g5 on craftsman tractor.Thanks

  7. Bruce says:

    Need flywheel nut torque settings for a Vanguard 14HP
    Model         Type             Code
    261777     013601       93021933

  8. Aaron Miller says:

    Hi I need the torque setting for the connecting rods on a briggs 16hp twin model 401417. Thanks

  9. MikeD says:

    need torque specs for briggs & stratton 21 hp 331877-0869-g5

  10. Luis says:

    hi, I need rod and heads torque settings for a briggs & Stratton mod 42A707-1238 01. thank you

  11. lisa denning says:

    Need torque specs rod cap bolts on Kohler 22 hp

  12. James Cotton says:

    i need heads torque specs on a kohler 20hp engine

  13. norm thibault says:

    model 28N702, type 1143-E1
    head bolt torque?

  14. Allan Ridley says:

    Need head bolt torque specs for model # 205432 please

  15. Anthony Mayausky says:

    I need correct connecting rod and cylinder head torque for a MODEL# 28T707, I am not finding it anywhere,unless this engine # is equivalent to a newer model. Thanks

    • Damon says:

      I hope do not offend but did you check on the metal cover that houses the pull cord? I look for awhile then went to the briggs and Stratton website. Some I find stamped on the head but others I find in on the housing I mentioned or on some really old models that somebody else tore apart and rebuilt with non B&S parts the number is gone. I hate to admit it but on those jobs I go with the torques specs I find on model that are close and luckily so far I haven’t had any issues.

  16. Chad Byrd says:

    I can not find the model, type or code on this Briggs and Stratton engine anywhere. I have searched the motor 3 or 4 times and can’t find it. This is the second B and S motor I have worked on that I can’t find the model, type and code on. I need the torque spec for the head. The only information I have is that it is a 500E Series motor. 5.00 ft lbs gross torque and it’s 140cc. This is per SAE J1940 and it’s 2600 RPM idle speed. Does anyone know what the head torques on?

    • Tony paul says:

      If overhead valve it is stamped on top cover of it. Proably covered in oil and grease too.

    • Jeff says:

      On those series motors the the model and type are stamped on the side of the crankcase. Theres also a sticker with the code and a bar code on the flywheel cover. Scan the bar code with your phone and it will give you the model and type.

    • Phillip H Davis says:

      Some models have this information stamped on the recoil/ flywheel cover.

  17. Model 331877 1371 type B1
    What is the torque of cylinderhead bolts?
    What are the valve clearances?

  18. Cylinder head torque specifications on model 31H777
    Also valve clearance for intake and exhaust

  19. edward says:

    I need the torquues for the following please. The engine is a 3.75hp briggs &strattonc.cylinder head,big end beariing cap, fly wheel nut,spark plug,and sump bolts.many thanks edward.

  20. Joel says:

    1212D105-0172-F8 engine needed flywheel torque thanks.

  21. Chad says:

    422707 opposed twin 18hp torque specs for head bolts and specs as well

  22. Emma Boone says:

    Briggs & Stratton Vanguard 2.4hp
    Model: 050032
    Type: 0122E1
    Code: 04040149

    Head Bolt Torque Specs ???
    Rocket Arm Torque Specs ???
    Valve Cover Torque Specs ???

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!!

  23. McCoy murphy says:

    Need valve clearance spec for B&S 13.0 HP model 28T707


  25. confuzion says:

    my model is 124t02-0203-b1

    does this mean i look under the 120000 in the chart?

  26. Joe says:

    What are the torque specifications for the sump pump on a Briggs & Stratton 15 horse I’m sorry not 15 horse 12 and a half flat head

  27. Daniel Branum says:

    Hey, I have a 22.5 Briggs that I need torque pattern and torque specs for a cylinder head.

  28. hank says:

    need the torque and sequence to tighten head bolts on briggs 26 hp model # 44p777 type 0412e1

  29. John says:

    I need the cylinder head bolt torque specifition on B&S 28R707 1120-E1

  30. Rick says:

    I have and old B&S and need valve clearance and torque limits for head bolts.
    Model 00081 1FD
    Type 110412
    Code 0154 E1

    Thank you

  31. Armin says:

    Hello. I need the sequence and torque for cylinder head of engine model 124T02-0243-B1 (650 series). Thanks in advance

  32. Nate says:

    Hello. I am looking for head bolt torque values for Briggs and Stratton Engine Model 1502 12 0127 B8

    Thank you!

  33. Dave says:

    I need torque settings and sequence for a 190cc engine.
    128M02 0943 – F1 – 12051558
    May 2012

  34. Ben Jones says:

    I have the torque amount for a 136202 5h.p. Briggs but what is the torque sequence?

  35. Joseph says:

    looking for torques for rebuilding a 1984 252707 11HP single aluminum cylinder for a 111 John Deer Lawn Tractor. have the complete rebuild kit, carb kit looking for the magnetron kit to replace the points and coil

  36. Ronnie Fagle says:

    I Need torque specs the head gasket for model 3319 77 0102 G5 serial 12 0910 ZD 63819 and valve gap
    How do you know what series it is

  37. Hank Sauer says:

    What is the cylinder head torque specs for a model 33R877 briggs and straton engine

  38. Ray says:

    Trying to find the torque for the crankcase bolts on a B&S 675 engine. I’m getting everywhere from 15 foot pounds to 90 inch pounds and need to know which is correct.

  39. Gary Morrison says:

    my model number is not on your chart, where do i go from here

  40. Christian says:

    Need the engine specs for model 331877-2374

  41. Nikolas healey says:

    I’m rebuilding a 22hp murry tractor engine
    Model number is 407577
    Type is 0292 E1
    Code is 040210YG
    The model number on the tractor is 405000X8
    I need the torque specs for pretty much everything.

  42. i need the torque specification for a briggs& stratton engine7.75 oilcase bolts.

  43. Torque values on the head, for 22hp Briggs v twin 40H777

  44. Eugene Young says:

    Please I need some help please can I have the torque on a connecting rod for a Briggs and Stratton 450 series 148cc


  45. rshumaker says:

    looking for the head bolt torque for model 28M707

  46. jerry says:

    needing head torque and pattern sequence for craftsman pressure washer model# 25b-554d099 247.772460 Briggs n Stratton 3.5 h/p sm. engine #10t 802-0711-b1 thank you

  47. Mark McEachern says:

    Needing torque on BS 18 vanguard engine for for & head boots. 350447-1111E1. Also intake & valve clearance. Thanks

  48. Gray Macdougall says:

    Hi, I need the head bolt torque and the connecting rod torque for a B/S mod# 196707. Thanks

  49. Steven M Wallace says:

    i need the cylinder head torque spec for briggs and stratton generator model 030239

  50. Wally Dick says:

    Torque head bolts 126T05-1252 engine Briggs and Stratton 675 series

  51. Phyllis Scantland says:

    Looking for torque specs for 289707 ,0143.01 Briggs & Stratton 12.5 BP engine.

  52. Kevin says:

    Hi, I need torque specs (cylinder head, connecting rod, crankcase bolts) for my 20hp Briggs and Stratton engine, model #461707-0143 E1. Thank You!

  53. Gary Hendricks says:

    Looking for torque specs 31h777 0228 e1 18hp

  54. john Jones jones says:

    Bridge and Stratton 22hp what is the torque for the rod caps

  55. Alan Lynn says:

    Looking for torque specs for B&S 19hp mod:31P377 type:0110 code:051005ZE

  56. Richard Paul says:

    Looking for torque specs for a Vanguard 49e877-0009-g1:

    cylinder head to block (sequence and steps)
    intake manifold to cylinder head
    exhaust manifold to cylinder head
    valve cover

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