To correctly adjust the valves, the valve springs must be removed (L-head engines only) and have the piston at 1/4″ past TDC on the power stroke.

Model Series Intake Valve min/max Exhaust Valve min/max
60000-120000 .005/.007″ .007/.009″
130000-280000 .005/.007″ .009/.011″
230000-240000; 300000,320000 .007/.009″ .017/.019″
Twin Cylinder Vanguards 290000, 303000, 350000 .004/.006″ .004/.006″
400000, 420000, 460000 .006″/.008″ .009″/.011″
28N700, 28P700, 28Q700, 28S700, 28U700, 28W700, 287700 .003″/.005″ .005″/.007″
310700, 312700 .003″/.005″ .005″/.007″
85400 .002″/.004″ .002″/.004″
97700, 99700 .005″/.007″ .005″/.007″
104700 .003″/.005″ .003″/.005″
115400, 117400 .002″/.004″ .002″/.004″
138400 .005″/.008″ .005″/.008″
161400 .003″/.005″ .003″/.005″
185400 .002″/.004″ .002″/.004″
235400, 245400 .004″/.006″ .004″/.006″
260700, 261700 .003″/.005″ .003″/.005″

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updated 11-14-04

35 responses to “Valve Specifications–Briggs and Stratton”

  1. I have a 21 HP v-twin vanguard it has a fluttering sound kind of like it is missing. It has 130 lbs. compression one cyl. sounds like it is missing at an idle when pulling spark plug wire off but at top rpm its not to noticeable but still has some rumbling sounds. You can take the dipstick out and it blows some oil out. what sounds like the problem. Thank you

  2. Mike says:

    Head gasket blowing on one of the heads – ive got the same problem , its easy enough to fix.

  3. garnet says:

    what is the valve clearance for an 8 hp flat head eng.

    • Ronald E. Thacker says:

      I’m asking you someone out there can anybody tell me the valve lash setting for a 24 horse V-Twin Briggs and Stratton intek please thank you

    • P Kaltenborn says:

      Intake: Between 0.005 and 0.007″

      Exhaust: Between 0.009 ND 0.011″

      Measured on compression stroke with piston 1/4″ past TDC.

    • Tiger says:

      Flat heads don’t typically have adjustable valves. Usually the clearance is determined by the fixed length of the valve stem.

  4. Raymond Holman says:

    What is the gap gage for the Valves on a Briggs & Stratton 24H over heat came engine and how do you read the numbers on the feeler gage

  5. jason says:

    i have a 22hp briggs, I’m needing to know what to set the valves to on it

  6. Keith says:

    I have Intek 21 hp engine what is the space on the exhaust and intake valves

  7. kyle bandy says:

    looking for valve specs for a 21 hp single cylinder intake and exhaust please and thank you.

  8. lewis says:

    do anyone know the specifctin for a 283h07 I need the head and vaue

  9. Bill says:

    What are the valve clearances for B&S 18.5hp model 31q777 type 0305e1

  10. Gene Rhue says:

    What is the valve lash and cyl. head torque on a 126T02-0675-B3?

  11. Gene Schmutzler says:

    Where is the model # on two cylender b/s j/ d mower

  12. BARRY MCKENZIE says:

    I have briggs model 25T235-0111-G1 and would like to know the valve clearances.


  13. Ed says:

    What is the valve clearance on a 287707-1224 E1

  14. Ken says:

    I have a 15.5 bridges Stratton overhead valve engine model 28H707 type 0173 Dash 01 code 961023ZD what is the valve adjustment and clearance for this engine thank you

  15. Jerry Broome says:

    what is the correct valve setting on 15 hspwr motor model #283h07

  16. Alfredo Marty says:

    I have a Craftsman LT3000 with 20 hp intek plus Briggs and stratton engine 31p777 o299 e1. What is the correct valve clearance.

  17. denis says:

    Where is the model # on a 2018 7.25 Briggs and station recycler 22″

  18. Larry says:

    Can I get the valve setting on a Briggs 25 hp v twin .

  19. Timothy Dunn says:

    what is the valve clearance on a Briggs & stratton 7.5 Platinum model# 104m020008f1. Thank you

  20. lester says:

    what is the correct on valve setting on a 24.0 hp brigs engine model#445677 type 0413-E1

  21. Brad Rolling says:

    What is the valve lash on a B&S pro series 7.75 175cc on a troy bilt pressure washer? The number on muffler shield is 11p902-0127-b1.

  22. Ken says:

    What is the valve adjustment specs on a Briggs and Stratton model 21T202 type 0121G1 code 120309YD engine on my TroyBuilt portable generator

  23. Ronald Carter says:

    what do you set the valves on a 6.25 hp brigg &stratton

  24. Todd Westbrook says:

    What are the valve clearances on b&s 825 series

  25. Michael says:

    Need valves specs for a 8hp briggs model 190403 on a snowblower..should the piston be 1/4 below TDC on this model?

  26. Steve says:

    Valve clearance on model 20C414 9 hp type 0206E1

  27. Jason says:

    Ah gots me a Breaks and Scrap’em emjun and ah needs ta no how ta fix it.

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