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63 responses to “Engine Questions”

  1. Rob says:

    What is the valve clearance for a Briggs and Stratton 10hp OHV generator.The family number is 3Bsxs 3422ht 275385.

  2. What is the valve clearance for 23 horse cub cadet lt1050

  3. Brad says:

    looking for a diagram of the cab/governor linkage setup on a 8hp Briggs 190402. was missing when I bout the tiller. how would I setup up and check governor?

  4. i have an areins lawn mower with a techumseh engine. model 911020 i messed up the throutle linkage. can you send me a diagram of the linkage configuration

  5. it has a 5 hp engine

  6. Ray B. says:

    I have a Craftsman Eager One push mower, the Model of the Mower is: 917.380542 with a Tecumseh Engine and Carburetor, the Craftsman Engine is: 143.944006 or Part Number of the Engine: 141514. I am looking for the Tecumseh Model number for the equivalent Craftsman Engine. Any Information is greatly appreciated.

  7. George says:

    Hi,what is the valve adjustment clearance for a briggs Stratton 7.25 OHV model #275160 serial #YBSXS.2051HF.It’s troy bit pressure washer,3000 psi.Thank you if you can help.

  8. Eddie Murray says:

    Hi, I have a 23hp kohler vtwin and it has too much compression on starting, was going to adjust the valves and their are no set screw, can you set thems or not ?i heard some valve are hydrolic

  9. john connell says:

    i have 6 gallons mixed at 40:1 but i wanna split 6 into 2 – 6 gallon cans & make them both 50:1. 3 gallons gas in each/ how much oil???

  10. tom says:

    torque specs for model 331977 0001 g1 head gasket

  11. todd hubbartt says:

    Need bolt tightening pattern for 10 horse Tecumseh head bolts

  12. Pierre Martel says:

    I’m rebuilding a 5hp 4stroke mercury outboard. Looking for the torque spec. For head, connecting rod and clear encephalitis.

  13. Pierre Martel says:

    Cleaninces on connecting rod.

  14. chaka zulu says:

    What is then shaft length for the Tecumseh crankshaft #32680A

  15. benj says:

    toyota altis in philippines…(1Q) What is the problem when you put the 1st gear., why is not moving? sometimes it will take few minutes to moved out. (2Q) Do you know how much the price the (transaxle)? for toyota corolla (altis) 2003 model.

  16. dave says:

    I have a briggs motor#130202-0190-01-6905017 what is the HP. rating of this motor? thank you.

  17. David says:

    I have been given a viking woodchopper powered by B&S engine type Intel 63OHV number 122602 0194/E1 060417 severely damaged by rust are the governor linkages and springs and carb linkages and connectors. I have cleaned and rebuilt most parts but cannot work out these linkages. Any advice please?

  18. Jim Perreaux says:

    I am changing the head gasket on a 1995 B&S Model#195707 8 Hp engine on my Snapper Mower.What is the correct torque for the head and exhaust bolts.I’ve seen 220 in/lbs. and 165in./lbs on the head bolts??

  19. Abhaya Gajamange says:

    dear sir, A friend shipped me a B&S lawn mower quantum XTE 55 model 128802 with 799868 carb. Was able to start mc but the throttle linkage does not function. Ie. the carb valve does not move with the movement of throttle. there is just a spring connecting the carb valve which tensions with the opening of throttle. I could not find a linkage with the carb valve and the throttle mechanism. pse advise with a dwg or photograph. this mc is in Sri Lanka and not many machines B&S available.

    thank you.


  20. Hi Everyone,
    I have a Tiller with a B&S 5hp Verticle Shaft Engine and I have rebuilt the Pulsa-Jet Carburetor, changed oil, new spark plug, adjusted valves to specs and installed new air filter. It started right up and ran with no problems. Idle was good and acceleration was smooth. Later on I came to try to start it and I could not pull the recoil. I thought it must be hydro-locked. I took out the spark plug and all this gas came pouring out. When I pulled the recoil more gas came out. I checked the oil and it was cloudy. I drained the oil and flushed the reservoir three times and put new oil (30W) in again. Dried the cylinder overnight and am ready to start it again, but not until I fine out what caused the engine to flood with gas. Any ideas?
    Joe J.

  21. John says:

    I have an ETQ7000 generator and that i left for couple years. When i cleaned it out, i removed the solenoid and sprayed it well with carb cleaner so as to release the finger. Once released and clean it freely moved in and out. My question is this – it seems that most discussion talk about the finger being in the EXTENDED position when powered off. Mine is in the retracted position when powered off. When powered it extends out which appears to extend the finger into the bolt hole it is attached to and stop fuel from going into the hole (just like the carb float needle) which allows fuel to go into the main tube into the carberator. Is this reverse operation another mode or has my solenoid failed and it is operating wrong? After testing and verifying this operation it stopped working altogether. I just want to attach it and leave it (in the retracted powered off position) if that is possible. Appreciate any explanations or thoughts… I just want to get my generator working again.

  22. Anthony says:

    I repaired a carb on a single stage 2cyl Yardman snoblower tecusmseh 5hp HSK850spec#8301 need diagram for gov.-spring and linkage to butterfly on carb.

  23. linda todd says:

    what is the head torque specs for an kohler 27 horse sp engine we are rebuilding the engine and can not find a manual with the specs in it can you send me a free download site that you don’t need a credit card to get information

  24. Tony Briganti says:

    I have been using a Craftsman Edger (model #536-87010 of questionable manufacture) and just now read your section about “engines failure to start”.

    The engine ran for a while, but stopped and wouldn’t restart while hot. I’ve had trouble with carb adjustments to get it to run again. I have noticed also the Denso W20M-U spark plug had to be cleaned from carbon fouling, and reset the gap from .025 to .030 inches.

    Other than Craftsman, I do not know the engine manufacturer or the year or hp after reading the specs section for model numbers for Tecumseh and Briggs & Stratton engines. I am at a loss for complete identification besides asking for assistance before ordering any parts or gaskets etc. Could you assist me in finding out the manufacturer or the year or hp of this edger’s engine with only the model # 563-87010?
    Please resp to my email address if possible.

  25. shirley Kreikemeier says:

    What is the valve clearance for a briggs and straton engine model 31p707-0132-b1
    thank you.

  26. gregg smith says:

    I have a husqvarna mower that the wires were chewed off I used the wiring diagram and it started right up then turned the key off and it continues to run took the mag wire to a direct ground and it still kept running had to pull plug wire to kill it where did I go wrong thanks

  27. JimmyJustice says:

    I acquired a Briggs & Straton model 6FB circa 1952. I have refurbished it and am looking for information about the spring/linkage type and location for the carburetor, blade governor and choke. Any assistance would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

  28. meade says:

    Valve Clearances on Briggs and Straton 12hp OVH Cast iron, Single Cylinder Model 275112. Guessing that they are 007 and 017

  29. Bill Frank says:

    What are the valve adjustments for my 26 hp briggs twin model 446777?

  30. Don Szymczak says:

    I have a rally prizm push mower with a 4.5 tecumse engine that I was cleaning the carb for. It has not been used for several years. While taking the linkage off I could not see where the linkage with the spring end came off of under the linkage plate on top of it. I have been unable to find any proper way that this is connected. The engine is a tvs115 57002A 3035b. I’ve tried several different possibility’s but am not able to get it right

  31. don says:

    swapping out 12hpwith larger engine wiring has me stumped can you help?

  32. Bruce Erb says:

    Changing a 1978 16hp Briggs & Stratton from a point system to an electronic system.

  33. Michael Nelson says:

    Hi everyone,

    I have a Briggs & Stratton 15.5 hp. I have replaced the battery, starter, solenoid, checked all connections, switch, adjusted valves, flywheel key way/coil gap, etc. If I turn the engine by hand all the way to the left until it stops, and then it will start. However, when I turn it off and try and start it regular the starter gets hot and it won’t turn over. Does anyone have any ideas what would cause this issue. i have tried literally everything. Any help would be appreciated.

  34. Hello,

    I just purchased a Bonanza Mini bike it appears all original but the motor is painted an original orange color and on the engine cover spec plate it has the following numbers H22A 1314P then below this : 96 91404 can identify what make the motor is and year serial # model number and horsepower ? I think it maybe a tecumseh but I am not sure.

    Thank you very much .. Will

  35. Mike Zarubiak says:

    Looking for the torque specs to model 331877 motor

  36. Karl says:

    Hi I have a bridge and Stratton 6.5 family:ybsxs.2051hf 275160 im trying to fine out what’s the shaft size on it so I can put a cluch on it

  37. Chase Standifer says:

    I have a White Outdoors LT1650 which I have been having trouble getting the engine to start. I don’t remember the exact symptoms now but after some googling it seemed like the issue might be the starter solenoid so I replaced that. I got the mower to start last fall before putting it away for the season and unhooked the new battery so I wouldn’t get any drain. This is spring I tried to start it with no luck, I would only get a click from the solenoid but nothing else and then even that suddenly stopped. After examining the mower I noticed that the diode in the alternator wiring harness was burned out. I ordered a new alternator and installed it. I also replaced the spark plugs at this time since they seemed fouled. I charged the battery for good measure then attempted to start the mower, again. I got some faint attempts for it to turn over and the starter gear was engaging the fly wheel then it suddenly stopped doing anything again. A quick inspection showed that the brand new diode had burned up again.

    I have two main questions.

    What could be causing the diode to burn up suddenly like this? I obviously have some electrical issues and while I can do basic wiring I don’t know enough to diagnose problems.

    Does anyone know what the correct diode for this engine is? I can replace the diode much cheaper than another $113 alternator. The engine is a Briggs & Stratton model number 42A707, type 2238E1. Thank you.

  38. Harvey Graham says:

    What is the tightening sequence and toque for the heat bolts on a B&S 204412-0114-E1

  39. Brent Ritzman says:

    I am looking for torque lbs on head bolts briggs Stratton model 445577

  40. Larry says:

    Need magneto air gap spec for my B&S 121R02-0002-F1 engine on a troy power washer

  41. Arnon says:

    Hello, I have a Briggs and Stratton Quantum XM 40 lawn mower. Took the carburettor off, cleaned it good, but now can not remember where all this springs connects to. Anybody know of a source for pics of this machine? Thank you

  42. Jerry says:

    Why is the connecting rod torque value different for the Tecumseh h70 engine (aluminum block, 210 inch pounds) and hh70 engine (iron block 105 inch pounds) when they use the exact same Rod?

  43. john says:

    I HAVE A kohler 15HP MODEL cv15S gt225 c series and I need the torques spec. for crank, oil pan and head can you help?

  44. What is the flywheel nut torque spec on a 10.5 HP Briggs and Stratton model 28D707 0123 01

  45. Tom Saad says:

    Anybody know torque for flywheel nut on vanguard vtwin 350447-A1.

  46. Warren says:

    Craftsman mower turns over acts like it wants to crank but won’t. Got fire and gas and air. Is there something I’m missing

  47. what is the tourge spec on rocker stud on a 25hp v twin kolher

  48. Andrew says:

    Does anyone know how long the rod that links the governor to the throttle is on a 7hp Tecumseh? I have misplaced this part and I have no clue what shape it is or how long it is. Im planning on bending a new one out of a bicycle spoke.

  49. Bryan says:

    I’m working on an old 80902 3hp Briggs & Stratton. The coil was missing, so I’m stumped because the warehouses ask if it was manufactured AFTER 6212310 (does this code mean December 31, 1962?) My code is 6222051. I know that means it was manufactured in 1962, but I’m sketchy about the rest. Every website I go to shows that the next two digits are the month, but that would be the 22 month of 1962! Does it actually mean May (5th month) 22, 1962? What does the ‘6212310’ code mean, if that’s the case? Please help!

  50. Dale Parrish says:

    I need the torqe spec for flywheel bolt on a B&S 17.5 HP eng. #31R9070018G1

  51. Bobby says:

    What’s the correct valve settings on a 8.50 Briggs & Stratton?

  52. lacy gray says:

    can you provide a diagram showing the proper installation of the governor spring and the governor idle spring for B&S model 100000 sprint 500 series

  53. Jackie Jensen says:

    Could you please show a diagram of proper installation of part # 36632 (throttle Link) on a tiller with a Tecumseh engine 143.986001 ?
    Thank You.

  54. Allan Gorin says:

    I need a detailed diagram showing how the governor spring attaches on B&S 5HP Model 135292-0780-A1. The part # for the spring is 690549

  55. Hearn Tidwell says:

    I would like to tighten head bolts on an 33R877 0027 B&S Engine. Could you provide the torque specs?

  56. Leo says:

    what is the correct valve clearance for
    model 33R877 19 HORSE POWER

  57. i need to replace head gasket what is the torque inch lbs on my lt3000 craftsman 20hp briggs 42inch deck lawn tractor.someone on utube did one for 21 hp briggs at 250 inch pound would mine be the same ,model31p977 code 060428zd type 8636-E1.

  58. Bob says:

    I have an old Tecumseh Lav 50-62084F Ser# 4227B Old Carb # 4734E8 Can’t seem to find a newer # for a more recent Carburetor # or even a Carb Kit. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks

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