Do you need information for you Briggs and Stratton engine?

    Torque Specs.
    Valve Clearances
    Oil Capacities


Do you need informaton for your Tecumseh engine?

    Torque Specs.
    Valve Clearances
    Oil Capacities


Do you need informaton for your Kohler engine?

    Torque Specs.
    Valve Clearances.

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11 responses to “Engine Specifications”

  1. Paul says:

    Is there a filter in the gas tank, that stops gas from coming

  2. Crunch tҺe numbers–total the repairs done over the last 6-9 montɦs–thеn average the cost ovеr the vallue oof a
    routine monthly maintenance Ьill. Doing thеѕe tɦings wilⅼ not only help you feel lᥱss lonely Ьut aⅼso feel ⅼess ɑlone.
    They Һave wheels annd attached pulleys wich сan be
    useԀ for towing purposes to diffeгent locations.

  3. Leon Stroup says:

    I really need some help with locating the best engine to replace another on a Toro 7-25 riding mower. This rider had a Tecumseh V90 7HP engine and I’ve finally have come across a Briggs and Stratton 9.50 223cc engine but will it work? I remember finding the cc’s to the old Tecumseh engine at 245. I believe the vertical shafts are the same and I want to drill the new engine mounting holes (I think there are only three-which I find strange and am a little leery about-how can only 3 bolts hold an engine?) so the distance for the belts/pulleys remain the same. And than there’s the issue of engine height, direction of the exhaust and will the original wires reach where they need to connect. I’m not a mechanic although I have accomplished much working on my own cars. Just about every mower repair shop has told me to just bury this mower. But one told me, if I can use a cutting torch and weld, I can put a 350HP engine into this thing. (humor) Any ideas will be appreciated. Thanks Leo

  4. Joe says:

    Have a 2011 Toro power curve blower with 2 cycle Briggs ABSXS1411A engine need the proper rpm setting please .

  5. Bill Richardson says:

    ??? Can anyone tell me where I can find the schematics for the carburetor linkage on a 1987 Briggs and Stratton 2 cylinder engine?

  6. Joe says:

    Hello Leon I have several of these Toro machines. Did you ever find an engine that will work for you. I would like to know. Maybe a larger horsepower Briggs motor 10 -15.

  7. I am trying to get the specs on a Partner K700 Active 111, what I am looking for is the resistance on the ignition coil to see if mf coil is good or bad. Go on the Internet and they show me nothing.
    Can you help me? thanks

  8. robert says:

    hello im in class about to rebuild my lawnmower but cant find specs first
    Engine FamilyVTP195U1G1SA
    Engine Model 143.98504
    cross reference LEV 120-361021A

  9. Jon Adams says:

    valve clearance for Kohler 22hp Spec kt725-3078 Serial no 5007214474 Thanks

  10. glenn brickhouse says:

    how do you convert torque lbs to inch pounds

  11. Keith Rader says:

    I need to know the head torque for a Briggs & stratton 60102-0226-01-6710043, thank you!

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