OHH series engines

The top image is a zoomed out shot of the lower image. In these images, you see how the governor spring (arrow) connects to the governed idle link. The idle link is connected to the governor spring via the loop in the governor spring. This setup is the same if the engine is on a gokart, pump, generator, pressure washer, etc. The only variation is how the throttle lever pulls on the governor spring. This specific engine is setup for a pressure washer, where the remove throttle control is behind the engine. On engines with onboard throttle control, the control slider will be located in place of the silver cover, as seen in this picture. On gokart applications, the throttle cable will be connected from the front of the engine.

HM series engines

This is a close up of the throttle control bracket. On these engines, the governor spring is built into the control arm (thing with the governor links in it). Top no load RPM is controled by the slot head screws. Tighten the screw to increase RPMs and loosen to reduce RPMs. The link in the top hole goes to the throttle shaft and the link towards the bottom goes to the governor arm.

The above picture is the top view of the governor arm. To adjust the governor, loosen the screw and turn the arm clockwise. Then turn the clip (darker in color) clockwise also and tighten the screw.

Above are images of a Tecumseh Small Frame series engines. All HS engines have and maybe some H engines have the governor arm on the side of the engine like this. The screw on the governor control bracket above is the highspeed Top No Load screw. Use this to adjust the Top No Load RPM. The governor clip is located in the diamond. To adjust the governor, loosen this screw and push the governor arm to the right and turn the governor clip clockwise and tighten the screw back.

The arrow points to the kill switch. A throttle cable can be connected to this control bracket for remote control.

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Updated 6-6-04

8 responses to “Tecumseh Governor setups”

  1. Gerry Brown says:

    Do you have hey carburetor linkage diagram for a 5 & a half horsepower Tecumseh TTP engine? Thanks

  2. Lee Burris says:

    Iam trying to re-install carb on tecumseh 6.5hp power sport engine. can’t remember position of linkage from governor arm to speed control bracket. The engine is 0HH series which uses a small C”-shaped link from top of throttle plate on carb. directly to top of governor arm. and a gov. spring with a loop in it in combination with a wire “hairpin” type clip from bottom of the gov. arm to the speed control bracket. I don’t know how to set up the governor spring with loop and “hairpin” clip. Do you have a routing diagram that might help me?

  3. Mike Wood says:

    Hello and thank you. Mine is a 1987 6 h p Tecumseh. I am trying to adjust the governor. Is it possible that there is NO return spring for the arm or anywhere in this set-up ? There is no way to control high speed even after governor has been adjusted . Mike

  4. Mike Kunkel says:

    Have a 9 hp tecumseh on a craftsman Chippercacuum I need a picture of the carb with linkage rods to see if I have all of the correct.
    Also is there a spring in the governor linkage system.

  5. Jaton shaffer says:

    On the OHH Motors, does anyone know what they call that little spring that goes into the top hole on the throttle control and where I could find one, I’m working on one of these motor and I’m missing that spring to get it running properly

  6. albert goff says:

    I took the carb off a Cub Cadet RT65 to clean it out and cannot remember how the linkage was set up. The tiller has a Tecumseh engine model oh195EP. I see lots of diagrams of engine parts but no picts of the linkage that are clear. There is a small link that is found on top of the carb that I never see in on-line picts. Does anyone have a picture or know where I could get one. Thanks

    Albert Goff

  7. Andrew says:

    I need the length of the rod that links the throttle to the governor on a 7HP Tecumseh engine.

  8. ROD MINTERN says:

    I have a TECUMSEH V60-70256 H. Ser: 3274 D. with a DELLORTTO FHC 20(13).CARB. what I am in Desperate Need of is a Diagram or Photos, of how to Install. and in what Position..The Governor Shaft. From inside the Engine Block.Which way the Hooked End Face`s.looking from Engine Base.(plate Removed).Towards Carb or the Crankshaft.then which Position the Clamp, is set.Carb or Engine Front..and the Tapered Plate.(with Two Holes at the Top.where Two Links Connect into. one with a Spring.and one with a Shaped Section. to go over the Air Cleaner Case..onto the Carb..I need Detailed Photos or Drawings. Desperately. as I gained this Mower in a Dismantled Condition. and do not know which bit goes where. so I am in need of HELP or/and ADVISE…I have restored the Mower Section..now the Engine..Engine Model:V60 – 70256..H…Ser: 3274-D.This Section Denotes. Week 32..Year 1974..D.?. Please can anyone assist or advise me…Regards. R.M.

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