To correctly adjust the valves, you need to have the valve springs removed (L-head engines only) and the piston at 1/4″ past TDC on the compression stroke.
All Tecumseh 4-Cycle L-Head engines .004″-.010″ Both Valves
All Tecumseh 4-Cylce OHV engines .004″ Both Valves

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One response to “Valve Specifications ”

  1. Rob says:

    I got one that’s really stumping me
    I just picked up a generator w/ 10 hp tecumseh hm100
    I won’t start and wasn’t getting g gas
    I latter found after cleaning the carb that it still wasn’t getting gas
    It turns out it doesn’t have any compression
    I pulled the head and found no matter where I was in the cycle the exhaust valve stayed open a little bit
    I pulled off the breather and noticed that the exhaust valve has zero lash?
    How can this be

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