Fuel/Oil Ratios for two cycle engines

This page here is totally different from the Oil Ratios Page. Here, I will name the engine manufacturer and their oil ratio for that enigine.

Lawn Boy Engines 32:1
Toro GTS Engines 50:1
Tecumseh Snow King Engines (HSK 600) 50:1
Tecumseh AV 520 and 600 24:1
Tecumseh TVS600 and AH600 32:1
McColluch 40:1
Husqvarna 225 Series Engines 50:1
WeedEater Blowers 40:1
Husqvarna Blowers (some) 40:1
Tecumseh TC Engines 24:1
Wisconsin-Robin Engines 32:1
Stihl Equipment 50:1
Tecumseh TVS/TVXL 840/850 50:1
Tecumseh HXL/HSK 50:1
Echo 50:1
Poulan/Poulan Pro 40:1
Stihl 50:1

This is a partial listing. Always refer to the fuel cap or instruction book to get Fuel/Oil mixtures. This is for a quick reference only.

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updated 11-14-04

One response to “Engine Fuel/Oil Ratios”

  1. Keith says:

    I have a tecumseh 640-19b 1973 built in December (3348). Should I be using 32 or 50:1?

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