Do you have pressure washer that is not putting out pressure like it used to? Here is your source for help. I will cover common problems with Faip, Annovi-Reverberi, General and Cat Pumps.


Faip pumps are usually reconized by their round body. They are usually found on light-duty pressure washers, under 2500 PSI.

CAT, General, and A-R pumps are usually large rectangular bodied pumps. They are found mainly on horizontal applications. Their working pressures are 2000 PSI and up. They can either be direct driven from the engine, or belt driven.


1.Check the orifice in wand end. Remove the orifice with a small allen wrench, 1/8″ size, I belive. Run a wire though the orifice to clear any blockage. Also, disconnect the wand end from the gun (part with the squeeze handle) and check for rust and any other foreign objects. Clean with a coarse pipe cleaner. Rinse before re-connecting to the gun.

2.Check the gun. Remove the wand and squeeze the trigger and blow backwards through the gun to remove anything that may be inside the gun. Install inlet screen if it is missing.

3. Pump is in unload mode. With everything connected and when the trigger is squeezed the engine does no react, the pump is more than likly stuck in unload mode. This is due to lack of maintenace to the pump. The pump has moving check valves and they must be lubricated if the pump is to sit unused for an extended period of time. They only way to unstick the unloader is to take it apart and physically free the piston.


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