Briggs and Stratton Engines Squeal

If you happen to start mowing your lawn and you notice that your Briggs and Stratton engine starts making a horrible squealing noise, STOP YOUR ENGINE AT ONCE! Damage will occur to the starter pulley and spring.

What has happened is dirt has gotten up in the starter clutch, making it stick to the crankshaft. The starter clutch must be replaced. To replace the starter clutch, follow theses instructions.

1. Purchase Briggs and Stratton P/N 19244 Starter Clutch wrench. You have to have this tool in order to remove a starter clutch. Using channel lock pliers will not do the job. You will ruin the clutch or the pliers before you get the clutch off the crankshaft. You will also need a strap wrench Tecumseh P/N 670305 to hold the flywheel. While you are at it, you will need a Starter Clutch P/N 399671.

2. Remove the shroud(s) and finger guard on starter clutch. Place starter clutch wrench on clutch and put strap wrench around flywheel. Put a 7/8″ socket and ratchet on wrench and remove the clutch.

3. Clean up crankshaft stem with emory cloth. If you do not do this, then you are going to have the same problem with the new clutch. Clean the crank until it has a mirror like finish. DO NOT LUBRICATE THE STUB. DOING SO WILL CAUSE THE PROBLEM TO REOCCUR.

4. Now install the new clutch, finger guard and shroud.

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