This system will be found starting on 1985 production models mentioned, and will not retrofit onto older engines. It is designed to allow the governor to regulate the low and high speeds of the engine. The high speed is adjusted at the top screw of the override lever; to increase RPM turn the screw out (counterclockwise); to decrease RPM turn the screw in (clockwise). The low speed is adjusted at the bottom screw of the override lever; to increase RPM turn the screw in or clockwise, to decrease RPM turn the screw out or counterclockwise (diag. 86).



3 responses to “TVS engine governor controls”

  1. Doug Wilklow says:

    I have been looking for a carburetor/govenor linkage diagram for a 10 HP Tecumseh engine. Number on blower housing is 143 356012. It is in a 1985 sears lawn tractor.Other number on blower housing is 4340D. It looks like its a TVM 170, 195, OR 220 from your diagram. I think its missing a link between the throttle and choke plate. Can you send me an exploded view of that linkage? Or know where I can find one? Any help you can give me would be appreciated. Thank you!

  2. Do you have a linkage diagram for an HSK 600 engine for a snowblower? I need to know what the carburetor links to. I took the cover off the engine and the only thing I see is that it links to some sort of a plastic flapper. Not sure what that does or how it helps govern the speed of the engine. It is not an adjustable speed engine, just a 3 hp 1996 engine on a White Snowboss 30 Tecumseh engine.

  3. John T Pickar says:

    Looking for part numbers for both springs at governor override lever & linkage from carb to governor lever. Its kn a TVXL195 150207A.

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