So, you have a warranty claim, huh? In this section of, we will explain what is and is not covered under warranty and where to get warranty service completed.


  • Product damage during transit (i.e., damage from freight company or improperly packaged product)
  • Normal wear items (belts, brake pads, blades, spark plugs, oil filters, air filters, etc.)
  • Neglect and abuse (running engine with low or no oil, not keeping cooling fins clean, not changing oil)
  • Bent or broken crankshafts
  • Locked up engines (subject to failure analysis)
  • Clogged or damaged fuel systems (water or debris in gasoline, old gas left in fuel tank and carburetor)
  • Misuse (using machine or engine for purposes other than what it was designed for)
  • Most “no start” situations (subject to failure analysis)
  • Engines damaged due to improperly mixed fuel (2-cycle engines)


  • BATTERIES (Provided they have been maintained according to manufacturers directions)
  • Defects in material and workmanship
  • Improperly assembled equipment (manufacturer defect)
  • Some “no start” situations (i.e., your brand new mower does not have spark going to the spark plug)

    With that said, lets see where we need to go to get some service. For all of you that have purchased a mower from a mass merchandiser (Wal-Mart, Lowes, K-Mart, Ames, Home Depot, etc.) you do not have to return the equipment to them for warranty work. First of all, they don’t fix it there anyway. They either send it off to the factory or to an appointed local shop that is authorized to work on that equpiment. For example, you have a Lowes brand lawn tractor that will not start. You can take it to any local MTD dealer in your area (MTD manufactures all current Lowes riding mowers) for repair and they will fix it no questions asked. All you need to have for warranty is the receipt for the mower (that proves the date of purchase for the mower) and your signature. You would do the same thing if you were having a problem with your Kohler engine. Just take it to a local Kohler dealer and they will get you fixed up.

    If you buy a “dealer only” product, like John Deere or Ariens, and have a problem with it, you do not have to take it back to the dealer you bought the mower from. Just take it to another John Deere or Ariens dealer and you are set to go.

    Finally, say that you own are a commercial cutter and you own a Gravley Zero Turn riding mower. You are having problems with the Kohler engine cutting off. Do you have to take it back to a Gravely dealer? No, you can take it to any Kohler dealer that is willing to work on your equipment for to handle your warranty claim against the engine.

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